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MaxxEcu Porsche 996

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FOR RACING VEHICLES ONLY: These ecu's are not to be used on any vehicle intended for use on public roads in the USA, these are for use in racing vehicles built strictly for racing use.


  • The air mass meter is removed and replaced with MaxxECUs internal MAP sensor
  • Controls AC, tachometer and other instrumentation in the CAN network
  • Uses the car's two OEM Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband oxygen sensors.
  • Control E-Throttle, EVAP and other control valves.
  • ABS speeds from the CAN in MaxxECU
  • PSM button for activation / deactivation of MaxxECU Traction system
  • Fuel consumption does not work in the display.
  • The cruise control function is not used.


    MaxxECU PRO is a product developed from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and fast. MaxxECU gives the user complete engine control!

    • Built-in MAP-sensor for boost pressure up to 3 bar (400Kpa)
    • Super fast and reliable USB communication between ECU and PC
    • MDash Android app over bluetooth
    • Injectors can be replaced with optional high or low impedance
    • No change in the vehicle's original system needs to be done
    • Can be upgraded with additional connectors to measure up to 12 TYPE-K sensors