The LPS story...


By Justin Linder

Starting Linder Power Systems LLC was purely based off of my passion for cars. While working in the aerospace manufacturing business for over 26 years, I gained extensive knowledge in precision machining and manufacturing. First starting at the bottom as a laborer deburring finished parts for a company who made mountain bikes and their components, they also did contract manufacturing work for military and aerospace companies. Working my way into leading the saw shop, then into manual machining, and eventually into CNC milling and turning. After a decade I had become foreman of the CNC department and was supervising a crew of 16 while keeping the shop running smoothly for two shifts 7 days a week. After 12 years at this company, I was yearning for new knowledge. Moving on to become an applications designer and prototype machinist at a company who specialized in making non-destructive testing equipment. At this company I was lucky to have early access to the latest in technologies, including 3D printing, 3D modeling, 3D scanning and reverse engineering equipment, EDM machining, and also receiving the opportunity to learn about both ultrasonic and eddy current non-destructive testing technologies. At this company I spent almost 8 years working hand in hand with engineers from top tier defense and aerospace companies in developing test equipment for their applications.   

During this 20-year career I would use every spare minute tinkering in the garage perusing my true passion. Cars. 

My love of everything automotive performance started at a young age, I was always mechanically inclined, I'm not sure how many of my mom’s clocks and toasters I took apart just to see how they work but she was a saint for putting up with me! I do owe a fair bit of my mechanical abilities to one simple toy, LEGO's! Hence our logo! I was relentless at building with those things and spent countless hours honing that craft through my youth. I still dabble a little today! LOL! 


As I got older cars became my main focus of interest, an obsession really, even at age 18 I remember thinking about how to go into business doing something with cars. At the first machine shop I worked for I was lucky to develop a friendship with the shop lead at the time who was also passionate about cars. Ray had become my mentor for many years, a sort of father figure, he was pivotal in pushing me to achieve what I was capable of. His guidance and the knowledge he instilled in me will never be forgotten.

Over the years I gained extensive amounts of knowledge from my experience in the aerospace industry and started adopting it for use in my automotive hobby. I also used this time to educate myself, learning how to weld and fabricate on my own, as well as becoming one of EFI University's first graduates in 2004.


My FC3S RX-7 circa 2003

It wasn't long before my work started attracting people with similar interests to inquire about custom machining and fabrication that might be done for them. The first “business” more like side hustle, I started was AlienAuto where I specialized in building turbo manifolds for many popular Japanese tuner cars. After struggling for years trying to figure out how to turn this dream into a business, in 2012 I finally found the missing support I had always needed in the form of my beautiful wife Kyla. During the next few years Kyla & I built the beginnings of LPS in a small shop behind our home. What is it they say about behind every great man is a great woman?


It was in this small shop that we first developed the CCFV1, CCFV2 and the first AlphaLoc coupler.

The first AlphaLoc prototype.

Finally in late 2016 after 15 years of struggling while basically working two full time jobs, it was time to take the leap into Linder Power Systems LLC full time. It was November when we were able to move into our new shop with more room and 4 new to us CNC machines. This dramatically increased our abilities and shortly after that we had expanded into having several successful products including the CCFV3 and the whole AlphaLoc line of couplers.

The production AlphaLoc's you all know and love today. 

The evolution of the CCF V1 (left) V2 (middle) and the current version V3 (right)

We continued to push our skills and innovation and were soon recognized by some larger companies. In 2018 we were contacted by SSC North America and were asked to join a team of professionals to produce the SSC Tuatara. We were happy to consult on design aspects as well as lend our expertise in manufacturing some of the more complex components of the car.

This is the complete rear suspension and engine cradle that shows the Nelson Racing Engine and many of the parts we build for the car including the entire intake manifold assembly, the valve covers, billet bell housing, and our custom orange AlphaLoc couplers made specifically for this project. 

Here is a better look at our work sitting atop the powerful Nelson Racing Engine, almost everything in the picture we built. Nelson Racing also became a distributor and started using our AlphaLoc couplers on many of their amazing engine builds.

In May of 2022 the Tuatara set a staggering speed of 295 mph in just 2.3 miles at the Kennedy Space Center launch and landing facility. This was after already eclipsing the previous record set by Koenigsegg.    

Today we are proud to have been contracted by and worked with numerous well-respected companies in the automotive performance arena and an array of other industries. We continue to reinvest in the business to facilitate its growth in capabilities, quality, customer service, and employee satisfaction. There’s nothing more satisfying to us then to constantly improve ourselves and to be involved with the most cutting-edge individuals and companies who are expanding the boundaries of technology.

This is a beautiful intake plenum we designed and built for Iroz Motorsport and is used on his record holding Audi RS3. Hank Iroz and his company have been featured on the TV show Street Outlaws, and popular YouTube channels like Hoonigan and Ken Block.

LPS Designed and built RZR intake manifold parts for K&T Performance

RX-7 DCT Adaptor kit for M33 Performance designed and built in-house. 

We have already begun the next phase of growth of LPS, we have broken ground on our new facility that will give us the space we need to continue growth of the business and room to install newer, more advanced, and more productive equipment.

We are hopeful to be up and running in this new facility by spring of 2023. 

Keep pushing guys, if we can do it, so can you! 

The LPS team