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MaxxEcu GM LS Terminated harness with RACE ecu

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FOR RACING VEHICLES ONLY: These ecu's are not to be used on any vehicle intended for use on public roads in the USA, these are for use in racing vehicles built strictly for racing use.



  • 5.7L LS1/LS6


  • 6.0L LS2
  • 6.2/7.0 LS3/LS4/LS7/LSX/LS9

  • For E-Throttle and Hella E-pedal
  • Prepared for turboapplication with an boost solenoid connector
  • Bosch JPT injector connectors
  • Uses stock coils
  • To be used with GEN IV knocksensors
  • MAP sensor hose inside harness
  • 8 pcs EGT connectors in harness
  • Including trigger/cam adapters for GEN III and GEN IV sensors
  • Including BOSCH and Mitsubishi alternator adaptors
  • Easy to rewire to be used without E-Throttle if needed