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E888 Gen3 Adapter for Garrett G-Series Turbo’s

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Stainless Steel Adapter Flange- EA888 GEN3 MQB VW / Audi Garrett G-Series"
Stainless steel exhaust flange for the 2.0 R4 16v "Turbo FSI" / TSI / TFSI (EA888 GEN3) engine of the Volkswagen Group for use with the GARRETT G-Series turbocharger

High temperature resistant, flow optimized stainless steel exhaust flange for temperatures up to 1050 ° C!
Significantly increased quality and durability compared to conventional castings.

The flange is specifically designed and engineered for Garrett's new G25 series turbochargers with integrated wastegate. The manifold is specifically designed and engineered for Garrett's new G25 series with integrated wastegate valve. Designed for use with the G-series reverse turbochargers from Garrett (that offer extreme efficiency) for a semi standard configuration. Integrated thread to accept the Lambda sensor.

The G-Series turbochargers give access to the most advanced technology in the tuning industry. The turbochargers are powered by a MAR turbine wheel and a stainless steel exhaust housing 1050 ° C. C temperature resistant. They are dual ceramic ball bearing and have double shaft seals on the exhaust side of the shaft.

Attention: This turbo adapter flange will only be work with a REVERSE G-Series turbocharger!

1050°C Stainless steel
Optimized channel guidance
Motorsport suitable
4WD suitable
High efficiency

NOTE: Not eligible for dealer discounts, only sold in USA.